[Living leisurely in a Perfect World]

If your life has hit the skids, wave goodbye to the wife & kids!

8 May 1986
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Roses are red
Violets are blue.
All of my base are
Belong to you. <3

Contrary to popular belief... I am Jesus.

[Claire // Kandi.] 19 years old. Female (last time I checked anyway). Bisexual. Smoker. Zen Buddhist. In a relationship. Geek. Happy-go-lucky. Straight-jacket dreamer.

[Likes.] Music. Yideogames. Socializing. Pub time. Writing. The colour pink. Self expression. Menthol cigarettes. Piercings. Meditation. Movies. Sweets. Comicbooks. Tattoos.

[Dislikes.] Hypocrites. People who inflict their religion upon others. Politics. HIM. The whole "no smoking in public houses" act. Fakes. Unwanted attention.

[Music.] Thin Lizzy. The Buzzcocks. Kiss. Train. Ugly Kid Joe. Def Leppard. AC/ DC. Mindless Self Indulgence. Further Seems Forever. Third Eye Blind. Fozzy. The Eagles. Sham69. Boomtown Rats. Queen. Manowar. Thrice. Something Corporate. Pennywise. The Cult. The Bees. Help She Can't Swim. Mae. The Slits. Deftones. Kraftwerk. McFly. Angel Dust. Disturbed. Black Sabbath. Starship. The Backstreet Boys. Rose Tattoo. Adam And The Ants. Whitesnake. New Musik. Ladytron. Smashing Pumpkins. These Arms Are Snakes.

Friends Only [for the most part]; Add me ..or sod off.